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This is my newest work as of now. It doesn't really reflect what I do on average, but it's my most recent.
I really post stuff on Deviantart a lot and I submit in masses at a time, so my newest things may often be similar. If you look at my ID over on the right or my gallery (I hope you look at both), you will see that I have a great variety.



Super Smash Bros 4. VS Battle on Final Destination by PichuThePokemon

This is a really beautiful image, as a whole. A lot of effort when into making this a reality, from posing hi-res 3D models and organiz...





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Connor Rentz
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
It should be pretty obvious that my other alias was Dr.MarioX. I've stopped using the name after I finished working on Super Smash Bros. Crusade in February 2013.

I am a founder, and was a spriter and lead developer, for Super Smash Bros Crusade, which is currently (content-wise) the largest Smash Bros. fan-game of all time. After five years of working on the game with my three brothers and seeing what could have been a near completed game at APEX 2013, I decided that I had things that mattered to me more and that Crusade was in good hands without me. Still waiting for those 110 characters, guys. :P

My deviantART is very important to me. I'm uploading things all of the time. Here, I have sprites, HD wallpapers, mock-ups and hoaxes, video game memorabilia, Richard Nixon edits, and even a novelette of The Room. However, I would say that the things that I do best are on my Youtube channel.

Starting at the beginning of 2013, I started focusing more on my film career. I like writing and directing a lot and I've been trying to increase my production value. My most recent short films release is Layla, based on the song by Eric Clapton. Short Films currently in post-production are Worth Dying and Zelda 2014, inspired by one of Aesop's Fables and the Nintendo video game series respectively.


My 3DS Friend Code: 1032-1432-5027

I hope you enjoy my submissions and all. BE SURE TO GO TO MY YOUTUBE! See my Let's Play series, NoR4U, and some other funny stuff.

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